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  • Dr. Tarek Farhat

    Lab Manager, Chemistry Instructor, Technical Consultant


    Expertise: analytical lab instrumentation; filtration systems (micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, etc.); lab bioreactor systems; carbon capture; polymer thin film deposition; programming and interactive web page design.

  • Dr. Bhanukiran Gurijala

    Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems


    Expertise: cyber-security; software engineering; quality assurance; formalism; web-application security; Model-Based Testing (MBT); secure software development; penetration testing

  • Dr. Kenan Hatipoglu

    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Expertise: smart grid and microgrid applications, power system analysis and control; renewable energy resources; power electronics

  • Dr. Andrea Kent

    Associate Professor of Political Science, IDEA Fellow


    Expertise: American politics; comparative politics; world politics; international relations; constitutional law; terrorism; global issues; elections; public opinion; political activism and participation

  • Dr. Joan Neff

    Campus Provost


    Expertise: criminal behavior; delinquent behavior; victimology; criminal justice system; juvenile justice system

  • Dr. Joshua Price

    Assistant Professor of Economics


    Expertise: economics; welfare programs; applied microeconomics; applied statistics; policy analysis.

  • Brent Woodard

    Adjunct Professor of Art


    Expertise: Arts, fine arts, illustration, design, painting, scratchboards, writing, education, history & art of the holocaust.

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