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  • Dr. Tarek Farhat

    Lab Manager, Chemistry Instructor, Technical Consultant


    Expertise: analytical lab instrumentation; filtration systems (micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, etc.); lab bioreactor systems; carbon capture; polymer thin film deposition; programming and interactive web page design.

  • Dr. Bhanukiran Gurijala

    Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems


    Expertise: cyber-security; software engineering; quality assurance; formalism; web-application security; Model-Based Testing (MBT); secure software development; penetration testing

  • Dr. Kenan Hatipoglu

    Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Expertise: smart grid and microgrid applications, power system analysis and control; renewable energy resources; power electronics

  • Dr. Andrea Kent

    Associate Professor of Political Science, IDEA Fellow


    Expertise: American politics; comparative politics; world politics; international relations; constitutional law; terrorism; global issues; elections; public opinion; political activism and participation

  • Dr. Joan Neff

    Professor of Criminal Justice


    Expertise: criminal behavior; delinquent behavior; victimology; criminal justice system; juvenile justice system

  • Dr. Joshua Price

    Assistant Professor of Economics


    Expertise: economics; welfare programs; applied microeconomics; applied statistics; policy analysis.

  • Brent Woodard

    Adjunct Professor of Art


    Expertise: Arts, fine arts, illustration, design, painting, scratchboards, writing, education, history & art of the Holocaust.
  • Dr. William Church

    Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department


    Dr. Church specializes in engine design and performance. His academic areas of expertise include combustion, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics. By trade, Dr. Church is an engineer. He is experienced in using solid modeling to create cylinder head and intake porting that was used in NASCAR racing, and he employs computational fluid dynamics to test those designs. Dr. Church is an ideal candidate to discuss engine and mechanical designs in vehicles, electric vehicles, physics applications in engineering and design/manufacturing application in mechanical engineering.

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